I happened to be watching a Rick Steves show on Denmark and in the show they were describing a way of living that they had. It was called hyggelig (hoo.gl.ee). This hyggelig meant you always have a drink, some food, and at the very least a candle between you and your company. It meant feeling cozy at the very base translation of the word but actually much more, it was your surroundings without anything that would make you feel ill at ease or emotionally overwhelmed. It was actually the pursuit of serenity, of comfy, of homey, of anything that brought that warm fuzzy to your soul.

My jaw dropped at this Danish discovery of self. That one single word summed up the pursuit of my entire life. Hyggelig!!! This blog is about just that, all the things that make me feel hyggelig. My only hope is that they inspire you to find your own hyggelig too. Imagine a world full of hyggelig, just imagine...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frugal Paint Lids

I am at this moment sitting at my desk crafting and blogging in my office for the first time. Hurray! The room isn't totally done. I don't have my daybed or all my stuff completely organized but the desk side is sufficiently suited to finally getting something started.

This project required painting and I'm always at a loss of what to use for all the different colors of paints needed on projects. I was scanning my room thinking "hmmmm.. what to use?" Then I spotted one of the metal frozen orange juice lids I've been saving up over the past few years. I had some grand plans of using them for some super artsy lamp shade or something but this is much more useful and money saving. They are the perfect size for  the little dollops of paint needed in all my craft projects! If you craft start saving those lids!

Can you guess what I'm working on? The first to guess right gets one.


  1. I knew you'd get it Tracy! You win! Tomorrow I'll post your winnings on here and to you in the mail. Just email your address! Thanks for playing the Hyggelig guessing game!

  2. Aww....Angelique it was too easy!! I was thinking of making some as holiday gifts but didn't get around to it!! Who are you making them for? love you!! xoxo

  3. I love making Christmas ornaments each year and am thinking of opening up an etsy shop and putting some in the gift shops around town next Christmas. I figured I better get started cause it's always too late by the time the holidays come round. So right now I'm trying to make up some of ideas to see if they will be good enough for sale.