I happened to be watching a Rick Steves show on Denmark and in the show they were describing a way of living that they had. It was called hyggelig (hoo.gl.ee). This hyggelig meant you always have a drink, some food, and at the very least a candle between you and your company. It meant feeling cozy at the very base translation of the word but actually much more, it was your surroundings without anything that would make you feel ill at ease or emotionally overwhelmed. It was actually the pursuit of serenity, of comfy, of homey, of anything that brought that warm fuzzy to your soul.

My jaw dropped at this Danish discovery of self. That one single word summed up the pursuit of my entire life. Hyggelig!!! This blog is about just that, all the things that make me feel hyggelig. My only hope is that they inspire you to find your own hyggelig too. Imagine a world full of hyggelig, just imagine...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Red Closet

Red is fun inside a closet!!

Our house is a 1901 bungalow style. It has a tiny staircase that leads up to a room on the left and a room on the right with a closet in the middle right at the top of the stairs. I doubt I could ever paint an entire room red and live to be happy with it, but a red closet? Definitely!

New fresh paint on floor and in closet. You can see the old floor and rug to the right.

After my Honey pulled out all the carpet and tacks all the way up the stairs and on the landing and in the closet. Then I went to painting the closet. Then I painted the floor and the stairs. It was a really awful brown with lots of old paint splatters on it. It's such huge difference! Then I replaced the hideous gold tone closet knob with a fun vintage looking one.

New closet knob.

I have a little obsession with painting closets fun colors. Perhaps it's because we've had white everything for so long as renters. All I know is that every time I open that closet up I feel a warmth of joy at the sight. It's weird but I'm an extremely visual person. I can be anxious, depressed, or even panicked in a visually displeasing environment. It's probably why I'm obsessed with making our home as soothing and calming as possible.

Here it is before...
Ugly knob, gross ugly industrial carpet. 
Now onto the Honey's office!

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