I happened to be watching a Rick Steves show on Denmark and in the show they were describing a way of living that they had. It was called hyggelig (hoo.gl.ee). This hyggelig meant you always have a drink, some food, and at the very least a candle between you and your company. It meant feeling cozy at the very base translation of the word but actually much more, it was your surroundings without anything that would make you feel ill at ease or emotionally overwhelmed. It was actually the pursuit of serenity, of comfy, of homey, of anything that brought that warm fuzzy to your soul.

My jaw dropped at this Danish discovery of self. That one single word summed up the pursuit of my entire life. Hyggelig!!! This blog is about just that, all the things that make me feel hyggelig. My only hope is that they inspire you to find your own hyggelig too. Imagine a world full of hyggelig, just imagine...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Enchanted Romantic Cafe Curtains

This house has a special romantic enchantment on the kitchen. For every time my Honey and I are in there we find ourselves doing romantic things. Feeding each other ice cream, long lovely hugs, meaningful kisses, and the like. It's all very wonderful until you realize that your neighbor might not want to see you in all your romantic splendor. It's not like I think they'd be looking on purpose but our window is HUGE especially after getting them replaced.

Out of sheer neighborly etiquette I decided to at least put some sort of covering on the window. These will probably be a temporary measure until we gut the kitchen in a year or two. But for now I think they do the job and add a bit of 1901 rustic charm. I used a natural burlap. It lets light in through the wide weave but still gives lots of coverage. I think our neighbor will be pleased.

By the way I made these in an evening while feeling seriously sick. The next day I was admitted into the hospital for almost a week. So anyone could make these really. I used iron on hem tape for the bottom hem and for the top I just hand sewed it instead of trying to drag out the sewing machine. Done very easily while watching christmas movies.

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