I happened to be watching a Rick Steves show on Denmark and in the show they were describing a way of living that they had. It was called hyggelig (hoo.gl.ee). This hyggelig meant you always have a drink, some food, and at the very least a candle between you and your company. It meant feeling cozy at the very base translation of the word but actually much more, it was your surroundings without anything that would make you feel ill at ease or emotionally overwhelmed. It was actually the pursuit of serenity, of comfy, of homey, of anything that brought that warm fuzzy to your soul.

My jaw dropped at this Danish discovery of self. That one single word summed up the pursuit of my entire life. Hyggelig!!! This blog is about just that, all the things that make me feel hyggelig. My only hope is that they inspire you to find your own hyggelig too. Imagine a world full of hyggelig, just imagine...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trick Or Treats

Pumpkins & skulls

Sometimes I just can't help myself and go a little crazy on the holidays. It's gonna be our fist halloween in our new house and I want to make it a bit special. Plus it can't hurt to try for favorite house on the block with the little trick or treaters. I heard not many kids make it around the corner to our street so I'm aiming to help them remember and spread the word. I LOVE seeing all the kids dressed up!

Did I mention that it's my favorite holiday? It's the only holiday that is completely just for fun. Oh, and it just happens to be my birthday too! Perhaps my love of passing out candy has to do with all the halloweens I missed out on being "too cool" to trick or treat. Whatever the reason it's all about fun and giving and I'm all for that!

This year our trick or treaters are definitely in for a treat with these little goodie bags filled with candy and a toy for each.

All ready for little ghosts and goblins 

Will we see you at our door this year? Hyggelig rule of trick or treating is that if you wear a costume to the door no matter your age you get treats. Hmmm I wonder if we should pass out tricks for the non-costumed. What do you think?


  1. Depends on how many trick or treaters you get and how many treats you have! Don't forget another rule--keep some of the treats for yourself! :D

  2. so cute!!! this is our first halloween in our new house too but you are way more prepared than we are. i want roman to trick or treat at your place!

  3. I guessed it was you kate when I saw princess tofu : ) I would love to see your adorable Roman all costumed at our door!